Ed said to get an accountabilabuddy so here is mine.

His name is Kyle Vengeance and he will be my short for the zine.  6 pages of Calvin and Hobbes-esque fantasy as seen from the eyes of a deeply deranged child with a psychologist for a dad and a stay at home mom as a mom.
As for a more ambitious project, I am going to do my Demociders comic I been kicking around in my head for a while. I see the future and the US military is going to franchise out it’s gear to normal citizens so they can go work for the highest bidder. The continent of Africa will unite as one so they can carry out atrocities on others for once. Global warming will make deserts fertile changing the agricultural landscape. The Chinese and Russians will go head to head as they vie for super-dominance. There’s more but let me see if I can get page one out of the way.

Also, I still plan on putting out a full color Steven “Bucky” Butler page next week. Can our semi-alcoholic¬† artist work on 3 projects and hit deadlines while working a 9-5 and chasing after 30+ single mom’s? Find out next Monday when the answer is probably not.