That annual tradition where you make an ink drawing a day for the full month of October (that’s 31 drawings for those of you counting at home) is almost upon us!

To get things off to a start we’ve created a number of drawing prompts that you can use for the event. What’s more, if you draw something and tag it on instagram with #nscinktober or any of the hashtags below you will automatically get one entry to possibly win a free artist’s series speedball pen nib set (you guessed it, that’s 31 potential entries). You don’t have to use a prompt below to qualify they’re just there to help. But you do have to use one of the hashtags to count and you have to do it on instagram. You’re more than welcome to post your work to other social media sites, we just won’t be checking there for your entries.

This is a fun event that really helps get you into a daily drawing habit (if you aren’t already). Please join us! We’ll be meeting at our usual spot on Thursdays (The edgewater workbench from 7pm-10pm) throughout the month and we’ll have some india ink on hand for you if you need a refill (while supplies last).






Hi everyone,

We’re super proud to say that after two successful anthologies, we’re starting on a third. We’ve lined up a bunch of writers and artists to make it happen, and now we just need your help to determine a theme. For context, each of our anthologies feature stories that have a central theme. Our last two were Identity and The Middle of The Night. We’ve solicited a bunch of ideas from people for theme ideas and collected them into a list. Now we need help picking the best of the best to be our central theme. Please go to the following link and vote for your first and second favorites by midnight CST on Friday September, 23rd:

Vote for our new theme!

Thanks for helping make our comics a reality.

We are looking for people to participate in our next anthology. That includes people who are interested in drawing the cover, writing a story, or drawing a story (or all three).  If you are interested, please respond to the survey here by midnight this Friday, September 16th.

After a few unfortunate delays getting the money delivered to us from Kickstarter, we were finally able to send the full book of our anthology “The Middle of the NIght” to the printer.

That means that we will have the books in-hand in early July. If you backed the kickstarter at any of the physical reward levels you’ll have your stuff. If you backed the digital levels you’ll get your link in the next week or so to download the anthology.

Check out all the cool stuff in store for our backers?

Y'all really like you grays and cool tones
Y’all really like you grays and cool tones

All of these items are special orders (except the stickers). So if you didn’t back the reward levels where you get them but would like to purchase one, let me know and I can get you a shirt or sticker fairly quickly (stickers immediately, t-shirts take about a week to get the order).

If you want a digital copy of the book you can purchase it on Gumroad for $5 here:

The Middle of the Night: A Comic Anthology on Gumroad 



We have almost exactly one week left on our kickstarter for our second group anthology “The Middle of the Night”. If you haven’t already contributed, please do. At the moment, we have 49 backers. You could be backer number 50! Rewards include physical copies and digital copies of the book as well as our previous book. We also have posters, t-shirts, and original art at higher backer levels. Check it out in the link below: