After a few unfortunate delays getting the money delivered to us from Kickstarter, we were finally able to send the full book of our anthology “The Middle of the NIght” to the printer.

That means that we will have the books in-hand in early July. If you backed the kickstarter at any of the physical reward levels you’ll have your stuff. If you backed the digital levels you’ll get your link in the next week or so to download the anthology.

Check out all the cool stuff in store for our backers?

Y'all really like you grays and cool tones
Y’all really like you grays and cool tones

All of these items are special orders (except the stickers). So if you didn’t back the reward levels where you get them but would like to purchase one, let me know and I can get you a shirt or sticker fairly quickly (stickers immediately, t-shirts take about a week to get the order).

If you want a digital copy of the book you can purchase it on Gumroad for $5 here:

The Middle of the Night: A Comic Anthology on Gumroad 



We have almost exactly one week left on our kickstarter for our second group anthology “The Middle of the Night”. If you haven’t already contributed, please do. At the moment, we have 49 backers. You could be backer number 50! Rewards include physical copies and digital copies of the book as well as our previous book. We also have posters, t-shirts, and original art at higher backer levels. Check it out in the link below:

Note, the following is from one of our members – John Vestevich – this was shared internally on our meetup forum and through our email list, but I wanted to share it here as well to provide access to others. I edited it slightly to work on this site  – Ed

I sent this info out in an email a few weeks ago, but we’ve had a lot of new members join since then, and some people on the original list didn’t get the full skinny, so here it is:

This is a bi-weekly comics/newsletter type thing, edited by me (John).

Every issue will be one side of one 8.5×11 sheet, printed in one color. Simple. We will post it online (always a scan of the print, never a purely digital version) and print up copies and leave them in whatever businesses will let us. (the comic book stores, some cool neighborhood food places, Rotofugi, etc – I have no idea who will let us leave copies in their stores, but we have many tendrils extending out into the city, and I’m sure we’ll be able to make it work).

Each issue will include work from three to six different artists, each doing a small strip (think sunday comics) according to an assignment from me that will consist of nothing more than the square inches you will have available to you. Content-wise: the weirder the better (do NOT think sunday comics). Me being the editor means you will be free to be crazy.

Also included will be a section listing our upcoming meetups and general news about the group. If nothing big is going on, it will just be, like, what’s up with shop cat, or speculation about when Stu will finish his pencils.

I think, for now, we’ll keep it PG-13 for language, and R for sex and violence.

How to get your work into Thursday Night Comics:
email me at jvestevich@gmail.com and pitch your concept.

YOUR IDEA WILL NOT GET REJECTED BY ME FOR ANY REASON AT ALL. The only obstacle between you and print will because we are full, and then you and I will schedule when there is space for you so you know when your work will be due. all artists featured will get their names and whatever url they want put in there somewhere as well.

Things to keep in mind:
I’d be open to you doing a regular strip that appears every time, but may skip some issues to accommodate for other artists doing one-shot things.
Random ideas that I just thought of:
you can do a tiny weather comic based on the two week forecast
you can make a visual puzzle for people to solve
you can make a comic that is just a progression of interesting forms and shapes. I’ll go abstract, idgaf!
whatever you’re interested in drawing – think of this as your chance to experiment.
If you pitch me a concept, I will still force you to work within my space constraints, so dont get married to specific dimensions before you hear back from me on your pitch.
one thing I’ll be doing for the fist one, maybe the first few, to make sure there is content, will be a city sights panel – one drawing from life of some thing or person I saw that interested me. So, you can think in those terms, too.
I may approach you with something in mind
this will largely be with regards to those who regularly attend the meetup, because I have a better sense of them as drawers and cartoonists.
You can offer to re-draw the letterhead. Ideally, every single issue will have a version of the letterhead re-imagined by a different artist. I’ll do the first (spoiler-alert: Dinos).
There will be a devoted section each issue to feature one outside project that one of our members is working on, and you can pitch a plug for your project:

  • working on your own book
  • launching a webcomic
  • doing a kickstarter for an anthology
  • designing a video game
  • shooting a film
  • your band is playing somewhere in town
  • you have a gallery show coming up
  • you’re hosting a sudden death Go tournament
  • you’re saving the world with volunteer work and want to recruit people

***To qualify for this section, you will have to do one one-inch by one-inch line drawing to accompany the content. If you’re making a game, it’s a drawing of the character, or you sitting at the computer chugging energy drinks, or a little drawing of the book you’re working on, whatever. But I will not feature your project if you don’t give me a tiny drawing. You can also go nuts on this section yourself, designing and drawing and hand-writing the whole thing. You will be given square inch constraints before you get the green light from me.

IN GENERAL – this thing will be ultra informal and goofy. Visually, I want it to be packed with comics and words and sections and stuff so that it’s fun to read, like, on a train ride.

DEADLINES – they will be tight and strict. This is going out once every two weeks, even if nobody gives me anything. If you have something due for it, draw it fast and be loose. Remember, whatever you’re contributing will be SMALL, so don’t hem and haw about making it just right. Look at the attached image for the layout. This will at least be the layout for the first one, maybe for future issues if it works well. Think about how your idea will fit into one of these boxes. Measure it out on physical paper and look at it. Think about how to economize your drawing style to fit in this tiny space and still be legible. The idea is to get everyone used to working on a semi-regular deadline. I used to do it for my university’s paper, and I miss it. It will be especially fun this time around, since there is basically no editorial oversight in terms of content. I want this to be weird as hell.

IF YOU MISS YOUR DEADLINE – I will go to print with something else, even if its just a drawing that I did the other day. If you miss your deadline, you will have to RE-PITCH to me, even if the pitch includes the finished work you didn’t get done the first time around. This is for scheduling purposes.

Whatever you’re drawing for this, draw it fast! Just jam.

THE FIRST ISSUE WILL GO TO PRINT ON MARCH 1st, and every two weeks after that.
I have all of the content lined up for the first issue.

Start thinking of pitches now and email me them ASAP- even if its just half of an idea, we can go back and forth to iron it out. That’s part of an editor’s job – I’m assuming
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

GO GO GO GO (PSHEEWWW *explosion*)


Here is the link to the first layout. Save it, print it out, jam it into your notebook so you accidentally see it all the time. https://drive.google….­

This past Saturday at the Edgewater Workbench we had a special presentation from Tony Moy on how to use watercolors for comic art. Tony talked about tools for watercolor, techniques like washes and dry brushing, and did a brief demonstration by creating a painting of Psylocke from the X-men. We attempted to record the whole thing and posted it live to youtube. The quality of the video is so-so, but if you are interested in seeing it, check out the video below (skip the first ten minutes or so as that was the setup period). We’ll try to do this for future events, but perhaps upload later to preserve the video quality. Thanks for all who showed up and to Tony and the Edgewater workbench for making it such a great demonstration!

Tony demonstrating a flat wash.
Tony demonstrating a flat wash.
Tony showing people a closer look at his work.
Tony showing people a closer look at his work.

Hello fellow artists,

As you may or may not be aware, our first comic anthology is off to the printers after a successful kickstarter campaign. But that doesn’t mean we are resting on our laurels. Quite the contrary, we are full steam ahead for our next book.

It’s still early, so I’ll give you a basic overview of what it will be as well as what I need from people right now:

Overview: This anthology will be run much like our last one. So here’s a description of the last one – 15 artists each did a 2-3 page original story about the theme of “Identity”. A few other rules:

1.) A hard R rating max (printer will not print anything X rated for fear of violating local municipalities obscenity laws – yeah, it’s 2015 and those are still a thing…)

2.) No use of copyrighted characters. If you are unsure about this, let me know and I will help you figure it out.

3.) You must have attended at least one of our in-person events prior to the anthology’s start point in order to participate. No exceptions. You must also reside in or around the city of Chicago (if you move during the course of the book, we won’t hold that against you).

4.) There will be an editorial board determining which comics end up in the book. This isn’t for any quality control reason (art is art as far as I am concerned). The issue is that we are about twice as large as we were when we did the last one and we have a hard limit on the number of published pages per book we can do before the cost of printing gets ridiculous, so we have to keep it under control. If interest is low all stories will be included and if it’s really low the number of allowable pages per artist will increase.

5.) There are opportunities for cover design if that’s your thing. You don’t have to have a story in the book to do the cover. If there are multiple people interested in the cover we may have each do a design and then let the group vote on the winning design.

What I need from you right now:

I need you to fill out this preliminary google form (http://goo.gl/forms/iQsG0c9MA3). Please do this by October 15th. At that point I will have appointed out editors and we will review the responses and decide on a theme.

If you have any additional questions, please let me know.


Last week Gorilla Tango Theater (1919 N. Milwaukee in Bucktown) was kind enough to fit us into their already bustling schedule so we could put in a little practice figure drawing. We had a pretty good turnout to sketch not one, but two models: Harley Darling and Jean Wildest. First up was Harley Darling dressed as Darth Vader. Here are some sketches of her from the event:

20150830_143327 rmxdarthDSC_0910-2

After moving to a different studio to accommodate patrons for a later show, we sketched Jean Wildest as Daenerys Targaryen. Here are a few of those sketches:

20150830_145030 rmxdaniDSC_0908-3

I heard nothing but positive reviews from both the artists and the models and we will definitely be doing something like this again sometime soon. So keep an eye out if you missed it. A huge thanks to the Harley, Jean, Dan, Katilin, Shane, and the rest of the crew at Gorilla Tango!

If you’d like to see Harley and Jean in their natural habitat you can catch them at one of Gorilla Tango’s regular parody burlesque shows. Check out the schedule here.