Calling all artists and writers! We are now collecting contact info for creators who are interested in participating in our next comics anthology. If you’ve never seen one of our previous anthologies you can buy them in local Chicago-area comics stores or you can purchase digital copies here.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out this form by June 15th. Completing this form will put you on a mailing list specifically for participants in the anthology and is the sole method we use for communicating information about the anthology, including instructions and deadlines.

Note, that this is a general form and signing up for it does not guarantee you a spot in the anthology. You must meet the following additional criteria in order to be considered for inclusion:

1.) Must have attended at least one of our in-person meetings prior to submission.

2.) Must submit a story script (if only writing), art samples (if only drawing), or both a story script and concept art (if both writing and drawing).

Writers and artists who do not want to both write and draw a story are still encouraged to participate. We will pair you with a writer or artist later in the process. We are also open to submissions for individuals who would like to do the cover art and/or pinups for the book’s interior only.

If you have any questions please email OR message us on twitter or Facebook.


Sign up for the anthology here.

This year our monthly meetings will feature demos and presentations about different aspects of the process of making comics. Our presenter for May was Ed Witt, founder of Northside Comic Artists who presented on the comic-making program Clip Studio Paint.

Last Wednesday night we had a great turnout for the presentation. Thanks very much for coming. Here are a few resources that I mentioned in the talk and a few that I didn’t that I’ve found helpful for learning to use the program and/or enhancing your experience with it:

Photos by Ben Alexander

Ed’s Links:

Tyrell Cannon’s page (did the cable illustration I was using as a demo)

Other Youtube channels featuring manga studio/clip studio paint

Manga Studio/Clip Studio Paint Brushes


Next month’s meeting will be a joint meeting between Northside Comic Artists and Ladies’ Night Anthology. The event will take place on Wednesday, June 7th, 7:00 pm at Third Coast Comics. The meetup and Facebook event pages will be posted as soon as they are available.

This weekend is C2E2, one of the biggest comic-related events in Chicago. Accordingly, we’ve rounded up a couple of suggestions for events to check out. Some of these are our own, some are events being put on by members or friends of the group, some are just plain cool/interesting. There’s a little of something for everyone here. I’ve included links, where appropriate, and I’ve noted which events are sponsored by our group with an asterisk.

Pre-C2E2 events:

*Sketch Party (4/17) 7pm @ The Edgewater Workbench

*Mural-Making (4/20) 7pm @ Empirical Brewery

Drink and Draws:

Drink and Draw (4/21) 6 pm @ Baderbräu

Panels During C2E2:

“The Revolution of Craft Beer & Comics” (4/21) 7:45 PM – 8:45 PM Room S404 – Group member Max Bare will be here to talk about his comic for Revolution.

Pitches and Portfolios: How to Get the Attention of Editors and Get Into Anthologies” (4/23) 3:45 PM-4:45 PM Room S503 – The Editors of the ladies night anthology (our special guests for our April monthly meeting) will be giving a panel on presenting your work to Editors/Anthologies. Free stuff!

Artist Alley:

Say “hi” to these folks who are part of the group or have been guests of the group in the past

Tyrell Cannon (E-15)

Max Bare (Q-9)

Ali Cantarella (D-6)

Jacob Halton (L-14)

Jason Muhr (R-16)

Tony Moy (K-4)

After Parties:

Press Start to Rock (4/21) 9pm @ Hard Rock Cafe

C2E2 After Party (4/22) 8pm  @ Baderbräu

C2E2 After Party w/Devi’s Due (4/22) 7:30pm @ Motor Row Gallery and Lofts

Other events:

CAKE Auction/Fundraiser (4/21) 7pm @ 826CHI