This is a series of posts about comics included in the forthcoming anthology comic “Identity” produced by Northside Comics.



The next comic in our series is by Lauren Davies and is entitled Statue.

Can you give us a brief description of your comic?

A black, billowing smoke-cloud alien and his lovely, ethereal ghostly girlfriend are jaunting through space and time. (Their “meet-cute” happened off-stage.)  They’ve been toying with the idea of reentering the human world, via a man-made vessel.  They come across a statue that sparks their creative, story-telling sides.  Together, they decide to take on a new heroic persona, via some interstellar, post-death magical rebirthing.  The metaphysics are just a touch out-there, but with their powers combined, their living-statue plan works!

How does your comic speak to the theme of identity?

Statue is a playful take on donning a new identity via imaginative “possession”. I’m a little bit obsessed with possession in general, so I really wanted to tie that in. We project emotional back story onto art (and each other!) all the time.  I liked the idea of these two other-worldly creatures doing the same thing with an ancient totem, offering it a tenuous second life of their own shared design. One wandering ghost paired up with one amorphous cloud-alien, playing dress up via material possession of a long-forgotten statue – each of their identities is amorphous, in a different way.

Where did you come up with the idea for your comic?

I’ve always loved sci-fi and short stories, and have look been intrigued by statues/inanimate objects coming to life, since childhood.  I have a rather whimsical side that I don’t always show in my day-to-day realm, so I thought I’d go full-on fantasy. I’ve written another short story about a statue/human relationship, playing on the Galatea myth, so it’s definitely a theme for me.

What influences your work both on this comic and in general?

I love Ray Bradbury, Neil Gaiman, Emily Short’s interactive fiction games and the eerie quality of Beckett plays. I also love those young adult/late childhood books that take you to strange, forbidding places: The Giver, Charlotte Sometimes, and the myth-within-a-myth back stories of GOT, Happy Potter and the like.  There’s a certain mysterious, soft quality I’m drawn to in other art/music/film, and I always want that to come forward, in my own work.

Where can people find more of your work?

The short portfolio version lives here:
Endless Flickr/Instagram/artwork parade:

The full comic anthology “Identity” will be available later this summer for purchase. If you can’t wait that long you can contribute to our kickstarter and maybe get yourself some unique swag.